Only 26% of leaders pursue to create psychological safety for their teams

How much can you lose in the absence of psychological safety? For Boeing, it cost 346 human lives, $48 billion lost (the company’s market value and in sales), and 1 fired CEO.

Boeing planned to upgrade aircraft 737 in 2011. The company created a new model 737 MAX which became…

Cut employees’ stress

Joel Goh reports that work stress costs $125–190 billion or 8% of national spending on healthcare and 120k deaths a year, in his 2015’s study. Physicians are one of the jobs that have a lot of work pressure, even before the pandemic. …

The tool for employees professional development

Analyzing 12,000 diary entities of employees, Teresa Amabile found that 76% of people tell that their best days involved making progress towards goals. You can make the most of the employees’ days best with a personal development plan.

Personal development plan (PDP) is the plan of professional development written by…

Apparently, 76% of employees experience burnout at some point.

Elina Halonen co-founded her business in 2012. She falls asleep and wakes up with thoughts about her business. Elina worked so hard and so long that she can’t realize when exhaustion became her normal. Her colleagues can find her falling asleep sitting up on the chair. …

70% of people say that a brand is more important now than in the past¹

People don’t choose between products, they choose between the description of products.

New job opportunities depend not only on the quality of your work but also depend on your personal brand. Even if you didn’t establish your personal brand, you already have it. Your name is your personal brand.


Increase Your Influence, Power, and Opportunity

Social networks mean a lot nowadays. You can get hired on the new job without a CV, get investment without pitching, get help without paying or asking.

Your political, economic and social influence depends on your social capital. For example, information dissymmetry. People tell you insights because they know and…

4 Insights and 7 Steps Will Help You Get Promotion

business newspaper article

Hard Work ≠ Promotion.

I bookmark mindsets, knowledge, and tricks that helped me to get a raise. After reading this article you will know:

  • How does expertise grow?
  • When should you start developing new skills?
  • What career model is the best?
  • What is Passion Trap?
  • Why don’t you have an…

Our body shows emotion and feeling much quicker than we can recognize. When we are nervous, we start fidgeting, deeply breathing, and wondering with our eyes. The brain sends a signal to the body. You are nervous — rubbing something to relapse it. This link between the brain and body…

3 secret behind the most popular time management tool

girl fun. She is take the halves of tomato on her eyes.

What if we join anime and Pomodoro? The Animedoro Technique was created by Josh Chen. He works for 40–60 minutes and then watches one episode of anime.

Pomodoro is the new black. We heard about Pomodoro from every corner. Every Productivity Blogger talks about it. On YouTube, you can see…

Examples of 5 Charming Compliments That People Dream To Hear

woman in brown and black button up shirt smiling photo

I was a terrible complimentalist. I had a common opinion: “Compliment is a simple set of words and giving compliments is easy”. But my compliments didn’t deeply touch the person. They didn’t create any value. I didn’t encourage people and deserve only lean “thanks”.

I corrected my mistakes which I…

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